The Cleansing Fire
Flying boxes filled with madmen. Dashing knights who just ain't worth it. Pariahs with shinning deeds. Wise men pouring out their knowledge. Women that are worth fighting for. And enough fantasy to satisfy any visionary kid out there. Stick around here and you shall have it all.


i’m so excited for hoenn round 2!!
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28 days till who countdown meme

28 days till Who: Favorite Doctor - Ten


28 days till who countdown meme

28 days till Who: Favorite Doctor - Ten

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27/100 pictures from The Lord of the Rings

27/100 pictures from The Lord of the Rings

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‘The Last of Us’ to be performed live on stage in Los Angeles

Sony and Naughty Dog have announced a theatre performance of The Last of Us for a special one-night-only show.

For more details view the announcement trailer here.

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I want to go to this exact point and run around it saying “I’m in Sweden!” I’m in Finland!” “I’m in Norway!” until I get tired

i aspire to great things in life

According to Google Maps, that point is in the middle of a small lake.

So we’ll do it in January when it’s frozen.

actually that’s why they’ve helpfully dropped a big-ass cement block with a bridge surrounding it in the middle of the lake: for the express purpose of doing what OP aspires to do




The first time I held a human brain in Anatomy Lab I was completely speechless. I looked at my classmates expecting a similar reaction and they looked back at me confused like…”dude let’s start identifying the structures.” I had to take a step back and let it process…in my hands was someone’s entire life. From start to finish, every memory, every emotion, every bodily control…was right there in my hands. 

I don’t care if people unfollow this is spectacular

This post just fucked me up literally

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video games graphic battle | vs. aesfocus
round one ➝ four colors (grey, blue, yellow, red)